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The need to introduce AI

Artificial intelligence (AI) is already being applied to all industries such as manufacturing, medical care, education, environment, and media, and it is becoming very common in our society, such as easily using AI-integrated services in daily life. Therefore, it is very important for companies to quickly establish AI technology in order to survive and grow beyond simple cost savings. Nevertheless, the adoption rate of AI by domestic companies is only 14.7%.

Why companies are hesitant to adopt AI

In fact, a whopping 71.5% of companies said they did not plan to introduce AI specialists, technology, and solutions within the next five years. Therefore, it is very important that AI transforms into a general-purpose technology that any enterprise can use. If companies have to create and maintain new AI technology every time, AI adoption becomes a dream come true in the reality that only 6.5% of companies have dedicated AI manpower.

AI기술 도입에 장애가 되는 내부 요인으로는 도입비용이 41%로 가장 높고, 그 밖으로는 어려운 알고리즘과 신규 인력채용문제, 기존 직원역량문제 등의 내부적 요인이 있습니다.
AI기술 도입에 장애가 되는 외부 요인으로는 사고 책임 소재가 불분명해지는 이유가 27.2% 로 1순위 입니다. 그 밖에 자금 조달이 어렵고 데이터 활용 규제, 관련 법령 미비 등의 다양한 외부 요인이 있습니다.

Strengths of WISEiTECH's AI service

The core of WISEiTECH's AI technology lies in its 'universality' that does not depend on a specific technology or field. In order to create and manage AI models by learning data, there are four major steps. The AI development platform provided by WISEiTECH automates all of these processes, so even ordinary people who lack AI skills and knowledge can easily use data to create and manage AI models. Through this, not only can the effectiveness for AI introduction be verified first, but it can also minimize the cost burden of enterprises by reducing the burden of AI specialists and infrastructure configuration.

  • Step 1
    Data Preprocessing

    data preparation and
    Engineering data transformation

  • Step 2
    model training

    Algorithm provided and
    AI learning progress

  • Step 3
    Running the Model

    Intuitive model evaluation indicators
    Visualization based result screen

  • Step 4
    model operation

    Periodic model
    Monitoring and evolution management

Provide AI applications by industry

WISEiTECH provides application services that companies can use immediately based on AI models created in various fields such as manufacturing, defense, plant, environment, energy, education, and pharmaceutical industries.
Through this, companies can maximize the effect of introduction by establishing a work system using AI within a short period of time.

  • Provide industry-specific AI models

    Optimal analysis is performed by referring to predefined models developed and applied in various industries.

  • AI results presented in dashboard form

    You can see all results related to AI services, such as accuracy of AI models, service usage status, and data status, at a glance.

  • Utilize both structured and unstructured data

    Build analytic models by combining data in any format, including structured and unstructured data, without being limited to a specific data format.

  • Produce

    Predictive maintenance
    Analysis of similar design drawings

  • National defense

    Predictive maintenance
    Parts demand forecasting

  • Plant

    Predictive maintenance
    1TB analysis

  • Environment

    Smart water treatment

  • Energy

    Energy efficiency

  • Education

    personalized learning

  • Restrictions

    Preclinical analysis

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