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Big data analytics concepts and trends

With the advancement of technology, the amount of data is also increasing at a rapid pace. With the advent of smartphones, the world is starting to produce more data, and what we can get out of that terrifyingly growing data is starting to matter. Big data analytics is a key technology that provides better business decisions by using data to identify trends, patterns, customer behaviors, market preferences, and more. Recently, due to the complexity of big data analysis, various methods such as predictive analysis using AI technology have been proposed, and unstructured data such as operation logs are combined with existing structured data to derive better business results.

국내 빅데이터와 분석시장의 규모는 더욱 늘어날 것으로 예측됩니다.
2025년의 세계 데이터량은 2016년기준에 비해 10배 이상 증가될 것으로 예측됩니다.

The importance of big data analysis in the corporate business environment

Before the term big data analysis was widely used, there were many cases where a concept close to big data analysis was first provided. Beyond providing customized financial products that collect customer behavior patterns, and advanced logistics services that analyze delivery information, we have more data, such as examples of increasing agricultural yields and improving quality by collecting changes in climate and soil environment. A world is opening up where the companies that use them make money and win the competition. For companies to gain value from their big data investments, they need to fundamentally transform business intelligence (BI) capabilities, such as through data visualization software, to turn data into action and add value to the business.

How WISEiTECH provides big data analytics

Wisei Tech supports the establishment of multi-dimensional analysis and visualization tools and customer-customized big data platforms. Customers can create creative and efficient work environments and customized services through big data analysis.

Provides multi-dimensional analysis visualization tools

In order to discover hidden values in data amid the flood of information, it is necessary to intuitively show the results of analysis. Multidimensional analysis visualization tools that anyone can understand and support fast decision-making.

  • Display large amounts of data at a glance
  • Easily discover insights without expert knowledge
  • More accurate results than numerical statistics
  • Quick collaboration by sharing insights
  • Used in various fields
  • Automated analytics with AI

Building a big data platform

Data from various fields are starting to meet and create new value. To efficiently analyze and use data, you need to be able to store, manage, and transform it in one place. Customers can be provided with a big data platform that can be accessed easily without investing time and technology with expert analysts for big data utilization.

  • Big data collection
    • Development of various industries
    • Refer to the applied predefined model
    • Perform optimal analysis
  • Big data management
    • Decentralized batch management
    • Distributed file management
    • Data tag management
  • Big Data Transformation
    • Convert to a unified format
    • Structural transformation of unstructured data
    • Convergence between data
  • Big Data Analytics
    • Quickly analyze large amounts of data
    • Analyze more than 20 advanced statistics
    • Leverage AI algorithms
  • Big Data Visualization
    • More than 50 chart types
    • Dashboards
    • Familiar office programs

Big data analysis that evolves further with augmented analysis technology

Augmented analysis technology is a next-generation analysis technology that applies AI technology to existing data analysis technology (data mining) to apply increased value-added capabilities to analysis. WISEiTECH dramatically improves business value by intuitively providing an AI predictive analytics experience.

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