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The Digital Big Bang, That's The Metaverse

If the Internet and smartphones are the revolutions that caused the information age, the metaverse can be called a digital big bang by adding a transcendent space. In particular, the metaverse is spreading rapidly centering on the MZ generation, who are sensitive to new technologies and trends. As the metaverse emerges as a next-generation service that connects the Internet, global companies are currently striving to secure competitiveness through active technology development and financial investment.

  • STEP 01


    Community activities
    Information provision and consumption
    Portal site information search

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    Social activity
    Real-time content creation and consumption

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    Real and virtual connection
    Expand your experience
    Social and cultural activities possible
    Produce, own, invest, reward
    Creation of economic value in connection with the real world

※ Source: KIET May 2021 Industry Focus

Metabus Era Opens a New Era with Content-Based Metabus Development Engine

There are many opportunities for different industries to offer new experiences combined with Metabus. There are already cases in which offline experiences such as concerts, performances, and virtual offices have been transferred to virtual reality. Metabus services will continue to be developed and provided in various fields such as life, tourism, culture and arts, medical care, education, and media. However, considering the enormous cost of building a Metabus service platform, it is a burden for small businesses. In particular, if metabus services are deployed without an open architecture and a compatible technology structure, many subsequent metabus content will be difficult to reuse or costly to maintain. The Metabus Development Engine, which allows you to reuse and manage and combine the elements that make up the Metabus space rather than creating new ones every time, enables you to build a Metabus environment faster and at less cost.

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  • 3D Object
  • Avatar
  • Configuration Service

How WISEiTECH delivers solutions to the Metabus service platform

It provides a Metabus development engine that can manage and combine reusable and modular metabus content, making it easy and fast to implement the metabus service platform. It also provides Metabus Analytics with artificial intelligence technology to intelligently analyze the various events that occur on Metabus, providing marketers and decision makers with immediate applicable insights.

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Extended Reality (XR)-based 3D visualization solution for metabus environments
Enables effective and integrated real-time communication.

메타버스 개발엔진 이미지
Metaverse development engine

Metaverse service is implemented and provided in a modularized form that can be reused so that it can be easily applied to various industrial fields.

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