WISEiTECH Co., Ltd. is a company specializing in AI and big data,
leading the AI, big data analysis, and data quality markets.

Since its establishment in 1990, it has grown into an unrivaled company in relational database, data modeling, and data warehousing consulting fields.

Since then, we have developed an AI development platform through active R&D in the field of artificial intelligence (AI) and applied it to various fields such as manufacturing, media, education, finance, public service, and the environment, thereby growing into an AI-specialized company.

Wesei Tech Co., Ltd. will further develop its own technology and know-how in the data field to further grow into a leading company in the field of AI and big data.

Organization chart


  • Sales Division
  • PM Group
  • Technology Strategy Division
  • Business Management Division
  • Big Data Business Headquarters

    Big Data Analysis

    Big Data Business Division
    • Building a Big Data Platform
    • Data Lake DW Construction
    • Building ETL
    WI Business Department
    • Big Data Analysis and Visualization
    • EIS Deployment
  • APP Business Headquarters

    System construction and operation

    Operation business department
    • Maintenance of information system
    APP Business Department
    • Establishment of Information System
    • Operate a pan-government data platform
    • Open Public Data and Quality Management
  • DM Business Headquarters

    Establishment of big data standards and quality system

    DM Business Department
    • Standardize your data
    • WiseDQ Development
    • WiseMeta Development
    • Establishing a Data Quality Management System
    Technical support
    • Maintenance
    • User Training
  • Research Center

    Artificial Intelligence R&D and Product Development

    Research planning
    • Artificial Intelligence R&D
      -National Research Projects
    • Finding research cases
    AI Consulting
    • Artificial Intelligence, Big Data, Metabus Consulting
    • AI Model and Application Development
    • AI & Data Voucher
    Product development
    • WisePropet Development
    • Wise Intelligence Development
    • Metaverse Product Development
    AI services
    • Training Personalization Recommendation
    • Development of Industrial Convergence AI
    • Subscribed AI Service