CEO Greetings

위세아이텍 타이틀 이미지 위세아이텍 CEO 이미지
WISEiTECH CEO Kim Jong-hyun

We will provide new experiences to customers and lead business innovation through AI technology.

  • Education
    • Graduated from Yonsei University, Department of Economics
    • Master of Computer Science, Graduate School of Industry, Yonsei University
    • Ph.D., Department of IT Policy Management, Soongsil University Graduate School
  • Awards
    • Received ‘Bronze Tower Order of Industrial Service Merit’ at the 2021 Korea Small and Medium Business Entrepreneurs Convention
    • 2013 National Small and Medium Business Contest ‘Exemplary Small and Medium Enterprises’ Presidential Award
    • 2013 Ministry of Employment and Labor Commendation for Development of Employment and Labor Administration
    • 2 010 Software Industry Development Prime Minister's Commendation
  • External activities
    • 2003~Present Director, Korea Information Industry Cooperative
    • 2019~Present Honorary Chairman of Korea Data Industry Association
    • 2018~Present Vice President of Korea Research Industry Association
    • 2020~Present Director of Advanced Technology Research Center (ATC)

Since its establishment in October 1990, WISEiTECH has rapidly responded to and changed the needs of customers and markets, and has grown into a company specializing in AI and big data.

In the field of big data analysis, we have supplied multidimensional visualization products that provide users with valuable information through convergence analysis of structured and unstructured data. Here, by providing prediction capabilities based on AI algorithms, WiseIntelligence™ has evolved from big data analysis to business prediction.

Artificial intelligence is emerging as a core technology in the IT industry after overcoming numerous challenges that have been considered limitations. However, many institutions and companies are having difficulties in applying AI due to problems such as insufficient data environment, lack of professional manpower, and complicated and long time required.

WISEiTECH Co., Ltd. has been solving these problems and applying AI technology to various businesses through WiseProphet™, an AI development platform that automates AI processes.

In the content, media, and distribution industries, we have researched and developed personalized recommendation solutions and pioneered the market since 2000. In the health, welfare, and financial industries, we are developing a solution for determining unfair claims for insurance money and subsidies, thereby reducing unfair claims economically and socially, thereby contributing to the reduction of insurance premiums for members of society.

In the manufacturing, defense, energy, and plant industries, predictive maintenance solutions predict the parts demand and maintenance intervals for equipment to increase the availability of equipment operation and reduce costs.

In data quality, work that has so far relied on the experience and knowledge of data engineers has been developed into an engineering system by applying an AI algorithm based on data. Data standardization, data profiling, and data quality measurement tasks that have been dependent on humans will be transformed into more automated tasks through WiseDQ™, an AI-based data quality tool developed by WISEiTECH.

Based on data know-how and AI technology accumulated over a long period of time, we have expanded our business area to Metaverse. It provides a metaverse development engine that manages and services the resources and contents necessary for constructing the metaverse space, and improves productivity and reduces costs by modularizing the content for metaverse to be reused.

In the future, our role will expand as metaverse services are expected to be developed and provided in various fields such as living, tourism, culture and art, education, medical care, media, creation, manufacturing, office, and government.

We will continue to spur the research and development of AI platforms and solutions to provide new experiences to customers and bring business innovation.