Currently ~ 2020
    • 2021
      1. VFX Specialized DeepXR Lab Strategic Investment
      2. Received the Bronze Tower Order of Industrial Service Merit from the Korea Small and Medium Business Entrepreneurs Competition, CEO Kim Jong-hyun
      3. The 20th Korea Software Industry Association Award for Best Company in Employee Competency Reinforcement at the Korea Software Enterprise Competitiveness Awards
    • 2020
      1. Awarded the Grand Prize on Enterprise Innovation for 4 consecutive years
      2. Seminar held on AI Platform Trend and Application Cases
      3. Established a joint venture Edu-AI
      4. Model Taxpayer Commendation
      5. WiseMeta™ 5.0 GS Certified Grade 1 Re-acquired
      6. WisePropet™ GS Certified Grade 1
      7. Listed in KOSDAQ

    2019 ~ 2010
    • 2019
      1. Awarded the Grand Prize on Enterprise Innovation for 3 consecutive years
      2. Seminar held on AI development strategy and cases for each industry
      3. 'WiseProphet™' awarded with Minister Prize from the Ministry of Science & ICT on the 2019 Outstanding Enterprise Contest in 4th Industrial Revolution
      4. 'Development of machine learning-based repair parts/maintenance and demand prediction system for military power & defense' project awarded with the Minister Prize from the Ministry of National Defense in the 2019 General Academic Convention on National Defense
      5. WiseDQ GS Certification acquired Class 1
      6. Seminar held on utilization cases of AI application
      7. WiseProphet™, WiseInteligence™ and WiseMeta™ registered in the Gartner Newsletter
    • 2018
      1. Awarded the Grand Prize on Enterprise Innovation for 2 consecutive years
      2. WiseDQ™ registered in the Gartner Newsletter
      3. Seminar held for 28th anniversary
      4. Machine learning automation platform, WiseProphet™ released
      5. WiseIntelligence™ acquired GS Certificate from the Telecommunications Technology Association
      6. Upgrade product of WISE OLAP™, WiseIntelligence™ released
      7. New listing (IPO) of WISEiTECH to KONEX
    • 2017
      1. The 16th Korea Software Industry Association Korea Software Industry Competitiveness Award - Grand Prize
      2. The 3rd Korea Business Award - Grand Prize in Technology Innovation
      3. Selected as Defense Equipment, Prediction Maintenance, and Big Data Quality Management R & D center, and named as outstanding Technology Research Center
    • 2016
      1. Held a seminar on data utilization based on machine learning
      2. Awarded a letter of appreciation for establishment of national defense statistics system
      3. Gyeonggi Data Dream Human Technology Award - Grand Prize
      4. Implemented WISE Open ™ into new Software
    • 2015
      1. Launched WISE Advisor ™, a personalized recommendation tool based on machine learning
      2. Commendation awarded by the Minister of Education for developing Financial Open System for Ministry of Education
      3. Awarded Achievement award for the development of Gangwon Provincial Public Data Porta
      4. Held 25th year Anniversary Seminar
    • 2014
      1. Selected as Samsung SDS Platinum Partner (DW and Data Governance)
      2. WISE Open ™ earned the industry’s first GS Certification for Public Open Data Solutions
    • 2013
      1. Launched WISE Open ™, an open public data management tool
      2. Selected as an exemplary business leader by 2013 National Small and Medium-sized Businessmen’s Association
      3. Awarded Bronze medal in ‘1st Big data utilization analysis competition' sponsored by Korea Association for ICT Promotion
    • 2012
      1. Opened WISE Cloud BI
    • 2011
      1. Donated WISE OLAP ™ to 4 universities (KDB University Support Program)
    • 2010
      1. Awarded "Prime Minister Award" in 2010 Software Industrialists’ Day
      2. Selected as the host of Business Intelligence Forum for Ministry of Knowledge Economy

    2009 ~ 1990s
    • 2009
      1. Awarded Achievement Award by Korea Research Foundation for the development of “Korean Researcher Information (KRI)”
    • 2008
      1. WISE OLAP ™ selected as Microsoft Solution Builder Program
    • 2007
      1. Acquired a patent on how to automatically load meta data into a metadata repository
      2. Obtained a patent on data quality management method in data migration
    • 2006
      1. WISE Meta ™ awarded the Excellence Award in the New S / W Product Award hosted by the Ministry of Information and Communication
      2. Received the Excellence Award for the CRM Division in the 5th Korea S / W Business Award
      3. WISE HR ™ and WISE Campaign ™ acquired GS Certification from Information and Communication Technology Association
    • 2005
      1. Award of merit and commendation from minister of information and communication in SOFTEXPO 2005 for contribution to the advancement S/W industry
      2. WISE Meta™ Achieve Good Software Certification from Telecommunications Technology Association
      3. WISE OLAP™ Achieve Good Software Certification from Telecommunications Technology Association
    • 2004
      1. Released Meta Data Management tool WISE Meta ™ and Data Quality Management tool WISE DQ ™
      2. Awarded Excellence by the 3rd Korea Software Business Leader for the CRM Division
    • 2003
      1. WISE Campaign ™ selected as a hit product of 2003 by Electronic Newspaper
      2. Selected as a Korean Technology Fast 50 by Deloitte & Touche
    • 2002
      1. Selected as a business for the technology innovation development project (Mobile OLAP) by Small and Medium Business Administration)
      2. WISE CRM selected as a 2002 first half hit product by Electronic Newspaper
    • 2001
      1. Awarded the Excellence Award in the 1st Excellent Component Contest hosted by Ministry of Information and Communication
      2. WISE Campaign ™ selected as a 2001 first half hit product by Digital Times
      3. Acquired Korea Productivity Center ISO 9001 Certification
      4. Selected as the most promising small and medium-sized company by Kookmin Bank
    • 2000
      1. Released campaign management tool WISE Campaign ™
      2. Changed corporate name to WISEiTECH
      3. Increased capital to KRW 1.7 billion
    • 1990s
      1. Developed component framework
      2. Development of BI product (WISE TransformTM, WISE OLAPTM)
      3. Selected as a national project developer of web data mining tool development
      4. National project client / Selected as a research firm for server methodology research
      5. Awarded research funds for DB technology research by Korea Development Bank
      6. Established Wise Information Technology Co., Ltd. on October 12, 1990 / Industry’s first RDB consulting