A tool to analyze and visualize large-scale data from various perspectives by applying AI technology

It is a multi-dimensional visualization tool that analyzes and visualizes big data from various perspectives and supports effective data-based decision making for a variety of users, from general users to executives and advanced analysts.

Economic Value Prospects of Big Data

Various companies are expecting big data to be a source of new economic value that will determine the success or failure of a company in the future. This means that companies that can extract useful information from big data and tap into the latent information will lead the market in the competition.

Korea's first OLAP field GS certified product

WiseIntelligence™ was launched in 1999 and is the first product to receive GS certification in Korea. Intuitive visualization analysis, dashboard analysis with stories, and user-centered self-service analysis are possible, and above all, it provides intelligent work and business insights to companies and institutions based on artificial intelligence.

Acquired 1st grade GS certification
Selected as an innovative product by the Public Procurement Service
It is applied to various industries and creates synergy by combining with WiseProphet™.

Currently, it is applied to various industries such as public, finance, manufacturing, and distribution, and its technological prowess has been recognized by listing in the 2019 Gartner Newsletter. In addition, WiseProphet™ prediction results can be synergistically visualized for easy understanding.

System configuration diagram

WiseIntelligence™ Main Features

  • 01
    Multidimensional Unstructured Analysis
    • Provides various analysis such as Roll up, Drill Down, Drill Across, Pivoting, Filtering, Grouping, Sorting, Ranking, Slicing, Dicing, etc.
  • 02
    Drag & Drop
    • Search by freely selecting the analysis point of view and analysis item
  • 03
    Orthopedic reporting
    • Provide a report in the form of an office program familiar to users
    • Build the report in the same form that the user used in the past
  • 04
    • Create dashboard with the same structure as multi-dimensional analysis
    • Layout multiple charts freely
  • 05
    Various visualizations
    • Provides visualization of time, distribution, relationship, comparison, and space
  • 06
    Statistical Analysis
    • Provides statistical analysis functions such as variance, correlation, and regression analysis
  • 07
    Management function
    • Provides report and data authority, log and monitoring, and system load control function

WiseIntelligence™ Features

  • Fast report lookup speed
    • faster report lookup speed compared to other companies using cache
  • Excellent portability
    • good portability with direct access to reports
  • Various visualization functions
    • Various visualization functions enable different analysis depending on the situation and data
  • Compatible with various environments
    • Can be used in various environments (OS, DB, WAS, etc.)
  • Excel report creation and inquiry possible
    • Excel report creation and inquiry possible without Excel on the user's PC
  • Interworking plan with various products
    • Interworking plan with various products of Wesei Tech, such as Cloud, AI AI service, and Metaverse interworking

WiseIntelligence™ Core Services

    • You can freely select and view the items and viewpoints you want to view.
    • You can see the status of your business at a glance through the dashboard.
    • Provides a visual representation of data analysis results to make it easier to understand.
    • Provides user-friendly reports in the form of office programs.